What Research Says About ALF Great Valley

In 2016, Class II Senior Fellow Sondra Roeuny studied our American Leadership Forum – Great Valley Chapter (ALF) program for her Dissertation through Penn State University for her Graduate degree.  What follows are her findings:

Recent qualitative research conducted about the impact of our American Leadership Forum – Great Valley Chapter (ALF) program revealed that our program does impact the relational capacity of our Senior Fellows.  Specifically, evidence supports that our ALF program helps create a positive internal working environment for our Senior Fellows. The program was associated with increasing the size, diversity, cooperation, and cohesion of our participants, all of which are vital to the ability of our Senior Fellows to collectively bring about positive community change for the Central Valley.

Key highlights about the impact our leadership development program

  • Expands one’s network. On average, Senior Fellows increased the number of relationships in their own network by 13 individuals. Also, on average, our Senior Fellows developed at least nine new relationships with people whom they did not know, nor felt they would ever know before completing the ALF Fellows program.
  • Increases the diversity of one’s network. On average, our Senior Fellows have increased the diversity of their networks. Through our program, they have cultivated meaningful relationships with people who differ from them based on demographic variables such as race, gender, industry, sexual orientation, and religion.
  • Enables Senior Fellows to develop a strong bond with one another. Our Senior Fellows who were interviewed for the research expressed that the program enabled them to build and deepened their connection with one another. Often, they described the bond they share with one another is different from bonds they have with other people in their other networks. Some even equate the ALF bond to that of a family bond.
  • Fosters an environment in which Senior Fellows feel supportive of one another. Sixty-seven percent of our Senior Fellows who were interviewed reported they feel supported by other Senior Fellows. In fact, 93 percent expressed they either have been able to provide support or have received support from at least one other Senior Fellow since going through the Fellows program.
  • Improves one’s ability to work collaboratively with others who are different from them. Our Senior Fellows reported that as a result of the program, they were able to strengthen their ability to suspend judgment and listen to others with an open-heart and mind.

For more information about Sondra’s research, contact her directly at sondra.roeuny@gmail.com.