Our Legacy

Past Programs, Projects and Initiatives

For information on any of the past programs and projects listed below please contact Ben Duran, President/CEO, at (209) 522-5103 or ben@greatvalley.org.

Agricultural Programs

Providing information and land conservation resources to the local agricultural industry.

Annual Conference

California’s largest annual gathering focused on the Great Central Valley’s economy, society and environment.

CATAPULT Youth Leaders for the Valley

Community participation can make a difference for young people. This year long public policy leadership program for teens is now operated by the Youth Leadership Institute.

Central Valley Digital Network

Bringing hands-on technology skills and resources to rural communities throughout the Valley. Over its five years of work, the program established community technology programs at 25 community sites.

Citi Success Fund

This granting program provided small cash grants to educators for developing innovative, easily replicable, grassroots programs that provided students with an opportunity to succeed and to associate that success with continued school attendance.

Community-based Assistance Program (CAPs)

This three year program was designed to strengthen the region’s nonprofit sector through capacity building services and resources.

Grant Advisory Board for Youth (GABY)

This program taught leadership skills to teenagers through active philanthropy and youth to youth giving. It is now operated independently by local community foundations.

Great Valley Fellows Program

The Center’s rigorous year-long post-graduate full-time fellowship program for college graduates and working professionals interested in public policy careers.

Great Valley Leadership Institute

A venue for local elected officials to acquire value-based leadership skills from the top experts in the nation.

Great Valley Photo Contest

Photographers young and old, amateur and professional, are invited to take part in a photo competition which emphasizes people living, working and playing in California’s Great Central Valley.

Health Initiative

In partnership with the California HealthCare Foundation, engaging residents in a public dialogue on issues that impact community health and needed action steps to improve the health outcomes in the Central Valley.

Highway 99 Task Force

Developing a cohesive approach to transform 280 miles of the Highway 99 corridor into a truly compelling “Main Street of the San Joaquin Valley.”

Housing the Next 10 Million

Institute for the Development of Emerging Area Leaders (IDEAL)

A public policy leadership development program geared towards working professionals.


The Center’s grantmaking program brought more than $5 million dollars of philanthropic support to Valley nonprofits with the support of the James Irvine Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Walter S. Johnson Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The program is now focused on education in cooperation with the Citibank Success Fund.


A policy based approach to strengthening the region’s agricultural base, increasing economic diversification, and improving competitiveness in the new economy.

Operation Clean Air

The collective effort of business, government, and community leaders from San Joaquin to Kern counties working to identify voluntary strategies that can clean the air of the San Joaquin Valley.

Pixley Connect

Providing access and technology training to a rural community in Tulare County.

Visit www.pixleyconnect.org

Sacramento Valley Forum

A day-long annual event held between 2001-2010 focusing on issues in California’s Sacramento Valley.

San Joaquin Valley Blueprint

A joint initiative of San Joaquin Valley Councils of Governments representing each of the region’s eight counties, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and the Great Valley Center.

Visit www.valleyblueprint.org

Valley Futures Project

Scenarios representing the future of the Central Valley Region.