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PG&E’s Strategic Energy Resources 

Current Openings [Updated April 4, 2014]

  • Fresno: 6 openings, starting May 2014 through December 2014
  • Stockton: 1 opening, starting April 2014 through December 2014

Program Overview:

The Agricultural Energy Efficiency (AgEE) and Small/Medium Business (SMB) Energy Efficiency Internship Program is a Strategic Energy Resource offered through a partnership between Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the Great Valley Center (GVC). The goal of the Program is to educate local farmers and small businesses on energy efficient solutions that may help to reduce energy costs, improve sustainable practices, and build capacity within Central Valley communities. College interns will augment the work being performed by PG&E’s Energy Solutions and Service team. Work duties will include building relationships with agricultural customers and small businesses while matching available resources with each customer’s operational needs. Major objectives of the Program include: promoting energy efficiency, building local presence, workforce development, and fostering a long term relationship between the utility and its customers.

Interns will work primarily out of one or two PG&E offices, performing office work and field work. Interns may also be cross-trained to support other GVC activities of similar capacity (e.g. data collection and analysis, outreach, research).

Desired Outcomes for Program:

  • Under the GVC, interns serve as impartial third party specialists helping PG&E expand outreach to farmers and small businesses, helping to maintain a wider range of relationships than is currently feasible for PG&E staff.
  • Interns will be trained on energy efficiency practices and solutions offered by the utility, rate schedules, and valuable customer service skills; fostering the ability to recognize opportunities for agricultural customers and small businesses to utilize PG&E resources in a way that is specific to each customer’s operational needs.
  • Interns will receive training and on-the-job experience from “shadowing” and receiving mentorship from PG&E field representatives.
  • Interns will expand their professional network by building relationships with a variety of local farmers and small businesses.
  • Interns will develop a greater understanding of the roles different entities (e.g. small businesses, utilities, non-profits, universities, etc.) play in the economy.

Coverage Area & Placement:

  • Outreach will be concentrated in the following areas:
    • San Joaquin County: Operating out of Stockton office
    • Stanislaus County: Operating out of Modesto office
    • Merced County: Operating out of Merced office
    • Madera County: Operating out of Madera office
    • Fresno County: Operating out of Fresno office
  • Program staff will make an effort to assign interns to work sites nearest to their residence.

Internship Overview:

  • Multiple positions are available:
    • Fresno: 6 openings
      • Length of Commitment: May 2014 – December 2014 (8 months)
    • Stockton: 1 opening
      • Length of Commitment: April 2014 – December 2014 (9 months)
  • Interns will dedicate between 15-30 hours per week to the program, depending on availability and funding
  • Interns will report to GVC staff on a weekly basis to discuss program updates and learning objectives
  • Interns will be supervised on a daily basis by an assigned PG&E representative, who will also provide direction on outreach activities
  • Interns will be required to attend preliminary training at a PG&E facility, which will prepare interns to:
    • Identify outreach targets
    • Assess each target’s needs
    • Establish contact with outreach targets
    • Present and discuss energy resources with outreach targets
    • Synthesize feedback and pair outreach targets with appropriate resources
  • A typical work-day may include office visits to PG&E and/or the GVC, as well as site visits to outreach targets. Interns will be expected to travel frequently.
  • Interns will be required to adhere to safe working practices at all times, especially when driving a motor vehicle or when visiting a customer facility.  Interns may also be asked to participate in safety tailboards as part of their training experience.

Selection Criteria:

Applicants shall meet minimum qualifications prior to application submission. The ideal candidate will also have met desired qualifications (below).

  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Current vehicle insurance
    • Ability to work in the United States
    • Strong communication skills
    • Current student or recent graduate
    • Ability to dedicate at least ten (10) and up to twenty-four (24) hours per week to a paid position during the semester
    • Adherence to all safety requirements
  • Desired Qualifications:
    • Strong interpersonal skills (e.g. ability to respond to challenging questions posed by utility customers)
    • Commitment, length of service
    • Responsible, driven, self-sufficient
    • Professional demeanor
    • Problem-solvers
    • Resident of target outreach area
    • Experience in Agricultural Industry and/or small business strongly preferred
    • Knowledge of small business operations, farm operations, mechanics, and general understanding of electricity and natural gas industry strongly preferred
  • Physical Requirements:
    • Office:
      • Sitting, standing, walking
      • Keyboard use
      • Site Visits (farms):
        • Driving to and from site
        • Exposure to the elements (e.g. temperature, humidity, wetness, dust, fumes)
        • Kneeling, squatting, bending
        • Walking on uneven ground
  • Finalists will be required to take and pass a background investigation prior to employment, which may include fingerprinting and motor vehicle record check.

Intern Compensation:

  • Equivalent to $10.00 per hour
  • Varies: approximately 15-30 hours per week
  • Form of Payment: hourly

How to Apply:

Interested individuals who meet minimum requirements should email the GVC for more information and/or to acquire an application. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss internships with their advisors prior to applying. Applicants will be asked to complete an internship application and submit a résumé and cover letter. Letters of recommendation are optional, but may help in the selection process. Application materials will not be considered without a completed GVC Internship Application.

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