Agricultural Energy Efficiency (AgEE)

Program Overview

The Agricultural Energy Efficiency Internship Program is a Strategic Energy Resource offered through a partnership between Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the Great Valley Center (GVC).  The goal of the Program is to educate and provide technical assistance to local farmers on energy efficient solutions that may help to reduce energy costs, improve sustainable practices, and build capacity within Central Valley communities.

In order for energy efficiency and climate action to take shape on a regional scale, community stakeholders such as farmers, businesses, educational institutions and residents must be involved in crafting solutions to preserve our Valley. Thus, AgEE is just one of the many strategies we plan on implementing in conjunction with the Green Communities program.


AgEE and SMB Interns tour Joseph Farms digester project, Atwater, Merced County. Pictured: William Torrez, Trisha Fong, Alma Mercado, Catherine Chase, RJ Heller, Andrew Yenni, and Yua Tao (PGE Customer Rep. and coordinator for the AgEE intern cohort).